mt factory tour + factory tour edition giveaway

The cheery mt factory tour bus // staff wore shirts with tape prints on it // ceiling decorated with delightful tapes

The factory is about 20mins away from the station, and from the exterior of the factory area, one would never guess such colorful tapes which are so popular worldwide are being made in those dingy-looking buildings.

When we arrived, we’re welcomed by mt goodie bags filled with limited edition tapes, a map of the area, and a map of central Kurashiki. Photography wasn’t allowed inside the factory, but I took the picture above by mistake. ;p The Kamoi Kakoshi company started out by manufacturing fly papers (strong paper tapes to trap flies) in 1923, which then led to the development of masking tapes, to now the first company that uses washi (rice paper) for its products. We saw lots and lots of uncut tape lined up, and there was also huge 2km rolls waiting to be rolled into smaller ones. The factory tour took about just 30 minutes – we saw the cutting and packing processes, and the staff lockers and workstations were all covered in mt tapes! You can read a little about the manufacture process here.

After that we were free to roam around the exhibit areas and factory shop.

The original fly paper-making machine

mini covered in tape!

bike covered in tape too!

They had memorabilia of the company’s history, and panels of limited edition tapes over the years.

A special 尻尾ノ森 (shippo no mori; forest of tails) tape installation by 淺井裕介. Crazy tape running over everywhere and visitors are allowed to add on to the installation by making their own designs in designated areas.

Armed with the carefully decorated shopping boxes, I wasted no time in choosing more tapes to add to my collection! There were so many tapes and people were just grabbing and putting them into their boxes without thinking. There were both limited edition and normal tapes, tape sets, mt tape storage boxes, mt tape book/catalog, stickers, and mt casa products were on sale too! The little houses you see are decorated with mt casa tapes. My haul is pretty modest, I spent just about 6000yen in total. I saw this lady paying for almost 20,000yen worth of tapes at the counter!

Lastly, visitors were free to use the special workstation where tons of tape were available for use. They provided boxes and tags for you to decorate. Everyone got busy taping everything in sight, and I spotted some ladies whip out their notebooks to stick tape onto the pages to bring home! (these tapes peel off easily without damaging the surface area so they’re very reusable)

Now for the tape goodness! I had to carry them all around while I was shopping around in the Mitsui outlet park (heaven!), and I was afraid that I might forget my shopping bag or something.

Factory tour limited tapes – so cute!

Gift tags and my paper bag which I decorated at the tour

Major love for the stickers and mt seals which will be perfect for my scrap-booking/art journaling! My favorite tapes are the shiny geometric and scale ones, and also the limited edition mt English news design – which surprisingly is written in perfect English! The last picture shows a yet-to-be-released mt for kids tapes, which comes in 4 designs (I don’t know why I didn’t get the red box one T_T). They will go on sale on 11 June.

Special factory tour edition giveaway!

I’m giving away some goodies from the mt factory tour! The winner will receive the mt goodie bag tote, 2 tapes (1 is a limited edition dress-making design, the other is lavender polka-dots), an mt casa debut leaflet, and a gift tag decorated by me!


All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me:

1. What you love most about mt tapes 
2. Your name & a valid email address

This giveaway is open to everyone, and will close on 6 June 2012, Wednesday. Have fun!
This giveaway has ended.

  • what a lovely post – I want to go on the factory tour so much. I adore MT tapes, they can brighten up almost everything!

    Louise ( xx

  • ros

    Omg! you are giving that lovely tote away?! It’s made of traditional Japanese hand-woven canvas! This is a great way to share the experience though! Well done!

    • heehee yes, I don’t have any use for the bag so I thought it’ll be nice to give it away!

  • Wen


    I love that there are endless possibilities with mt tapes! Anyone can be artistic, just let your creativity and imagination run wild and you’ll be sure to end up with something surprising! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I would love to visit the mt factory myself one day 🙂

    Wen (

  • Caitlin

    Wow. Thank you so much for sharing! I fell in love with washi around two years ago and my love just keeps growing and growing! It’s hard for me to find in Canada but I think that makes me love it even more. Before this post I didn’t know mt made CASA tape, tape for kids or tote bags! My dream is to go to Japan and shop in an mt store (hopefully happening next year) and a factory tour would be even more amazing!

    Caitlin Mercer (

  • Great recap. The limited edition mt washi tapes are so wonderful. I collect washi tape like crazy and love adding it to unexpected places, including the space bar on my keyboard! Since starting to buy washi tape a year ago I have sent a lot more snail mail as I love to add it to cards and envelopes. It is definitely my favourite craft supply!

    Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!

    Nicole – nicole.e.henderson at gmail dot com

  • Oh, WOW, this is heaven on earth! I’d love to visit this amazing factory! I can tell by the pictures that you had an amazing time and I’m a little jealous, I must confess! 😉

    I’d be honoured to win this giveaway! I love mt tapes because they make anything, everything, more beautiful. I mean, look at that bike. How pretty is that?

    Camila Faria – naomemandeflores at gmail dot com

  • So fantastic! Thanks for sharing your experience and lots of gorgeous pictures. It was almost as good as being there!!

    I love mt tapes because they’re such great multi-taskers AND because even a small piece can have a big impact. You’re so sweet to share your goodies!


  • すごい!I just found your blog- and I am so glad i did! What a wonderful experience it must have been to go to the Mt factory! Ooo i wish i could have been there!
    By the way, thank you for hosting this splendid giveaway~ the tote bag is to die for 🙂
    What i love most about mt tapes? it’s hard to say! Everything about these colorful little tapes make me smile. Perhaps my favorite part of mt tapes is their versatility. You can use them for practically anything, like spiffying up a studio space, decorating a daily diary, you can use them as bookmarks… the possibilities are endless!
    Thank you again for this giveaway, it really is very kind of you.


    Beebee Honkawa:

    • Thank you Beebee, I love your blog too!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ru!

    I always think mt tapes provides endless creativity but the most wonderful thing about mt tapes is that it makes one smile just by looking at the pretty rolls of wonder. Now I’m passing on the happy vibes when I use them in school with the little ones.

    I hope I can win and thank you for this fabulous giveaway!


  • Anonymous

    Soy una adicta a las cintas mt, me parecen maravillosas y puedes realizar tantas cosas, que me parece increible. Como me gustaría poder visitar esa fabrica.

    Mi correo es

  • Kat

    Oh my! Thank you so much Ru for sharing your time at the factory tour! And for this generous giveaway! The tour looks so amazing! The thing I love most about mt tape is the reaction from my friends when they see it for the first time….complete joy and a massive urge to create with such a versatile material! Sometimes they express a little concern thatI I might be addicted to them hehe but once I show them how to use mt they are hooked! Its funny how cute, pretty tape can bring so much joy. ^_^



  • octavia

    great post! thanks for sharing your pic snaps.

    mt tape is super fun and colorful! creativity at its best. too bad it’s not readily available in canada.

    e-mail: octaviay(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Anonymous

    Hello Ru!

    How awesome for you! I commend you for having such great will power. I would go crazy and buy everything in sight without remorse. I started buying washi tape in 2010. I love the versatility and many wonderful designs. It also brings out the kid in me. I use it to create personalized gifts for friends, who always seem amazed that it’s tape.

    Thanks for sharing!



  • Thanks for sharing your MT factory experience! I love washi tapes for packaging and how much you can do with it. It can turn anything plain into something beautiful.


  • Oh Wow! That would be a dream to visit the mt tape factory. How amazing are you for having such a wonderful giveaway. It can be hard seeing all the amazing things in Japan and not being able to find them here in Oz. I love mt tape so much I wrote a little zine about it! I love it because you can use it for everything from gift wrapping to decorating zakka items. I also love how one piece of tape can put a smile on someones face. Like you did with this post and giveaway. Thank you!

    Jenna – mylifeasamagazine at hotmail dot com

  • Your blog is such a delightful read! 🙂 Pictures from the MT factory make me wish that I could go there too although I know I would spend way too much money on mt tapes if I went there. I love mt tapes because they’re so colorful and pretty. Just looking at them makes me glad. And I can use them to make my penpal happy too. 🙂

    Aija – aipulii (at) suomi24 (dot) fi

  • 010

    I saw the tapes at kinokuniya book store. I didn’t know it was such a huge thing that people might get addicted. I always wanted to buy it the problem is “how to use and decorate it”. Thanks for sharing this wonderful factory trip. I guess I can use it to decorate my instax mini film or tape my instax film on the wall. Can it actually attach to the wall?



  • Wow thank you for taking such great photos so we could see every step of the tour. Looks like my dream day!

    I love spreading colour when I use mt tape! It transforms whatever you put it on into something amazing!

  • Hello from Singapore! 😉 I came across your blog while searching for pictures of the mt factory tour (which I desperately wanted to go for) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you are a Singaporean too! 😀 Thank you so much for the detailed blog entry and pictures, I’m so envious of your limited edition tapes! I hope I can visit that place someday (:

    I love mt tape because it is so versatile – I love making envelopes with it, using it to decorate gifts for friends and once I even used it to hold my bandage together (if I’m going to be in pain, it should look pretty haha)! ; thank you so much 😀

  • I’m kinda late to join, so sorry i been meaning to do so.

    i looooove mt tape because its quite reusable! i like the matte finish compared to normal tapes.

    i dont want to leave my email in public but u know what my email is i think , else if i am fortunate enough to win, i am on twitter ! yumeko55

    thank you!

  • Yee Shan

    The factory tour looked great! It looked like a museum for tape!

    I love mt tapes because they’re not just tape, you can write on them, use them to decorate anything at all and they come in all sorts of designs that are unique to them!

    winds.tea [at] gmail [dot] com

  • wow that must be heaven on earth! That mt bike is amazing! I love washi tape too, I really like giving presents and wrapping them. Washi tape just makes everything better!
    I rather not put my mailaddress here but you can contact me via my blog.

    I really like your blog, following via BL now!

  • Love MT the most. They are cute, vibrant and there is no need to worry about mixing and matching. They just jive together. Most of all very very forgiving!

    Thanks for the chance!
    Michelle Looi –

  • Cool I didn’t know they had a MT factory tour. I love the many colours and patterns and how easy the tapes are to use. Thanks for the chance. -June

  • Lucky you! Wish I could tour the factory too. And I’d probably go crazy shopping for tape just like that lady who dropped 20,000 ¥, that would totally be me. haha

  • Oh wow! The factory looks amazing! Wish I was there; I might be the lady who spent 20,000yuan 😀

  • Hi! thanks for sharing your experience. could you tell me how to join the mt factory tour? can we just go there anytime or do they set a schedule for the said tour? thanks so much. reply is highly appreciated.

    • Hello, it was a one-off invitation-only event by the company, so I don’t think you can just visit it anytime. 🙂